5 Effective ways to overcome infant hiccups


Effective ways to overcome infant hiccupsThe cause of hiccups in infants remains the same. The only problem is when your child will be upset and will cry if the hiccups do not stop. The easiest way to stop hiccups in adults is to hold breath for a few moments. However, this method is a little too risky for babies. Consider some alternative solutions to overcome hiccups in infants as reported by boldsky (17/6).

Changing the position of nursing
Sometimes, the baby swallows too much air during feeding. This can cause a series of baby hiccups. So, you need to change your feeding position to limit the amount of air that goes into the baby’s mouth.

It’s important that babies burp after you finish breastfeeding. Burp is done to remove excess air or gas in the baby’s stomach. But in some cases, burping can help release muscle spasms in the diaphragm and thus can stop baby hiccups.

Massage the back
Babies hiccup for a while is not harmful to health. All you need to do is, calm the baby. Rub your baby’s back with a soothing manner so that hiccups could disappear slowly.

Eat on a regular basis
You have to feed the baby before they get too hungry and the stomach contains a lot of gas. Hiccups can be a sign of stomach problems. If the hiccups indicate gastric problems, then they will be accompanied by vomiting.

Stop eating when hiccups do not subside
After a few minutes, if the hiccups do not stop, you need to stop breast-feeding a baby. If you continue to feed the baby during hiccups, the baby may vomit. This will make the baby more upset. So the only solution is to let the baby’s hiccups disappeared, and then resume eating again.

Those are some simple ways to stop baby hiccups. How often does your baby get hiccups?