5 false myths about yoga



Yoga is known to provide many benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety or treat headaches. Yoga is even claimed to make people smarter.

But there are still things you do not know about yoga. Some of them are false assumption that many people believe about yoga exercise. Here are 5 false myths about yoga, as reported by the Huffington Post (21/07).

1. Must have a flexible body
Many feel they can not do yoga because they do not have a flexible body. Vyda Bielkus, a yoga instructor from Boston’s Health Yoga Life explains that in fact it is a good excuse to try yoga. By studying yoga, your body will be bending by itself. Even in a short time, you can touch your toes without difficulty. Bielkus advised to follow the sessions and small classes so that you get maximum attention from the instructor.

Dr. Judith Lasater also explained that you do not have to worry if the body is not flexible when doing yoga. Yoga will teach you to explore what can be done by your body. Flexibility of the body will change and improve if you do yoga.

2. Yoga is an expensive sport
You may not want to spend much money to take yoga, but this does not mean you can not do it. You can follow yoga in a group or choose a yoga package per month. In addition, the equipment needed for yoga is not as expensive as other sports you do in the gym.

If you already know, and good at yoga, you can also do it yourself at home without spending a single penny. But do not do yoga by yourself if you have not learned and mastered the movements and poses.

3. Yoga is not included as sports
Some people think yoga is not included because the sport does not make a person move much. But in fact, yoga can also make you sweat. Yoga exercise works on all of your cardiovascular and nervous systems. There is a type of yoga that is athletic as Vinyasa which can increase your heart rate instantly. Even with regard to the type of yoga like Kundalini breathing techniques can also make you sweat quickly.

4. Yoga is boring
Yoga is not a sport that is boring because you have the opportunity to learn new movements that have different effects on the body. Compare it to riding a stationary bike, lifting weights, or running. Besides, yoga also invite you to recognize your body and explore what is going on inside of you, both physically and spiritually. It will not make you bored.

5. You must have a spiritual side
Do you not like to do yoga as it relates to the spiritual side of your mind and say “om …” all the time? You are not alone. Many people do not like it. But the good news, you can choose the place of yoga that focuses on movement and not on spiritualism.

Because yoga is rooted in spiritualisme, even so, there are many yoga classes that do not offer this and focus on the movements of yoga beneficial for body fitness. You can choose your own yoga class that suits you.

Those are some of the misconceptions that often held by many people about yoga. Before trusting assumptions that spread in the community, you should try to know yoga deeper.