5 Foods rich in flavonoids


Flavonoids are the composition in foods that are antioxidant to fight free-radicals. You can find flavonoids in fruits or certain vegetables. Its function is to protect the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of allergies, maintaining brain health, and to prevent some cancers.

So what foods can you eat to get the benefits of flavonoids? Consider the answer as quoted from Mother Nature Network, below.

Blueberries contain high antioxidants that protect blood vessel walls and protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. In blueberries there is a compound named D-mannose which helps you prevent urinary tract infections. In addition, blueberries help reduce the inflammation of the stomach and digestive system.

Green tea
Another intake that contain flavonoids is green tea. The main compound in green tea is polyphenols, which in particular is an antioxidant to prevent inflammation and cancer. There are already many studies that examine the ingredients in green tea (caffeine, theanine, and catechins) that help increase the body’s metabolic system.

Who does not like chocolate? Besides its delicious taste, chocolate is rich in antioxidants that nourish the cardiovascular system. For example, lowering high blood pressure, smooth circulatory system, and make platelets work better. However, only dark chocolate has the most flavonoids properties.

One of the natural herbs that are also rich in flavonoids are bilberry (part of the vitamin C complex). Studies have shown that flavonoids help strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent eye disorders. In addition to bilberry, cherry and blackberry also include a good source of flavonoids.

Lastly, there are vegetables listed as one of the foods that are rich in flavonoids. For example, broccoli, kale, onions, peppers, and spinach. But unfortunately mushrooms are not included as vegetables that contain flavonoids. Although there are many other benefits of mushroom itself.

In addition, you can enjoy raw vegetables and fruit every day for flavonoid intake for the body. However, if you suffer from certain health problems and allergies to some foods, you can take supplements of flavonoids.