5 Health Benefits of Crying


Health Benefits of CryingCrying is one way to uncover human emotions. Even so, in some cultures, it is considered to be a weak thing and only done by women. Though in fact, there’s nothing wrong with crying.

You should know the fact that tears can actually provide many health benefits. Do not believe this? Consider some of the health benefits that you can get with a cry, as reported by Mag for Women as following.

1. Remove stress
When you feel stressed it’s better to cry than holding the feelings inside. Crying will help you remove the sense of stress and frustration in you. To that end, crying is often referred to as a powerful stress reliever. If you do not want to be ashamed to cry in public, provide time alone to cry and pull out all the feelings of your stress.

2. Improve mood
Have you ever felt so relieved after crying and you feel better? If you cry because you have a bad feeling or is under stress, then crying can make your mood better. The tears can relieve the pain and stress that you experience. So do not hesitate to cry in order to enhance your mood.

3. Clean your eyes
The real function of tears is to keep the eyes wet so that the lens and cornea are not damaged. Not only does it helps you see better, it also eliminates all the dirt that is in the eye. In addition, tears also helps eliminate toxins in the eye and kill bacteria that enters. So, when the tears come out, whether you are sad or happy, you actually are making your eyes healthier.

4 . Lower the level of manganese
Crying will reduce the level of manganese minerals in the body. Too much manganese minerals in the body can make a mess of your mood. To that end, crying can make your mood steady and make you feel better by lowering manganese minerals in the body.

5 . Reduce hypertension
When you cry, you ‘re also relieving pressure on the body and eliminating salt in the body. Both, stress and salt, can cause increased blood pressure. So, if you have problems with blood pressure, you should cry when stressed. This will prevent soaring blood pressure which can harm your health. Cry and make your blood pressure decrease.

So, you can see that crying is not a shameful thing to do. If you have to cry, then cry. Crying can help you remove the unspoken feelings and emotions that accumulates inside. In addition, it has been proven that crying is healthy!