5 health benefits of drinking tea every day


health benefits of drinking teaThere are many types of tea that you can enjoy. But whatever type of tea, enjoying this drink definitely gives a lot of health benefits. What are they? Know more, as quoted from She Knows below.

Tea contains antioxidants such as polyphenols that reduce the risk of skin cancer, ovarian, and gastric. You only need to enjoy a cup of it every day.

Tea, especially green teas, has efficacy against the absorption of fat into the body. Because drinking tea will speed up digestion and improve metabolism. But do not mix tea with milk, because the benefits will be lost and you will fail to lose weight.

Unlike coffee, tea will not contaminate your teeth when you drink it. Tea also has fluoride which strengthens tooth enamel. But do not add milk or sugar to the tea if you do not want to eliminate fluoride in it.

The immune system
Drinking tea each day will help you boost the immune system. So that diseases like fever will not go near you.

A study once mentioned that drinking tea every day can strengthen bones. In addition, almost all types of tea, either green, black or oolong, all have  efficacy in improving bone density.

All types of tea actually comes from the same plant, the Camellia sinensis. The process only makes tea circulated in various types. So, have you drank tea today?

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