5 health problems that usually affects children


ChickenpoxChildhood disease occurs in almost all children, especially toddlers. this happens because their immune system is not yet strong. Diseases below usually occurs between the age of 2-5 years.

Here are diseases that you should be aware of if you have a toddler.

Chicken pox is a viral infection that causes fever and spots all over your baby ‘s body. Although every person will get the disease at least once in their lives, but it is children who most often get the disease. This disease will run in a long period of about 21 days. You need to isolate your baby because it is highly contagious. Do not let them scratch the chickenpox wound because it can cause scars.

Measles is a disease in which your baby experience red rash and some glands become swollen. Measles is characterized by fever. This disease takes 7 days for the healing process and is able to spread.

Mumps is a disease that affects the salivary glands. In addition to fever, throat will swell. Usually this process will make it difficult for your baby to swallow and thus require a long healing process that is between 7-10 days.

Pink eye
Pink eye or conjunctivitis is a common eye disease experienced by toddlers. The disease is characterized by pink eye . This disease takes about 3-5 days to heal.

High fever
Fever is also a common disease in children. Common cold can turn into a high fever if it does not get proper treatment. High fever occurs when there are wounds in their throat or a viral infection. This fever will cause the appearance of a red rash. With appropriate antibiotics, the fever will be cured in 3 days.