5 main symptoms of depression


Depression symptomsA previous study revealed the fact that the burden of mental illness or depression that one feels is heavier than cancer. Depression is worrying, therefore you should recognize the symptoms quickly to be able to deal with it, just as quoted from Quick Easy Fit.

Do not have interests
If you are not interested in activities you usually enjoy, it could be a symptom of depression. You might skip a particular activity, getting out of an assembly, and keeping away from friends from the group.

Changes in diet
One of the other major symptoms of depression is when you change your diet completely. For example, overeating that makes you fat or choosing not to eat which causes drastic weight loss.

Disturbed sleep
How did you sleep last night and the night before? If your sleep is frequently disturbed, either insomnia or waking up in the night, it is a symptom of depression. You better do something because lack of sleep will make the depression worse.

The physical condition is usually very affected by the things you think. Therefore, when you are under stress, certain body parts will also respond by giving you symptoms. Indeed, you can be cured with medication, but it would be nice if the stress that triggers the illness is also addressed appropriately.

Hurting yourself
The last dymptoms from depression that is quite dangerous is hurting yourself. Unlike other symptoms that could lead to a situation instead of depression, this sign is ascertained must be experienced by someone who is stressed.

The sooner you detect symptoms of major depression, the sooner you deal with and prevent its worst effects.