5 Minutes of a Nap is Enough to Restore Energy


nap at workSome people often feel sleepy after lunch or before 3 pm? Drowsiness during the day, according to Hiromi Shinya, is normal. The reason is that a lot of our enzyme is used when we wake up and move.

If the body has given the signal, then you better listen to it. Do not ignore it for any reason. Do not be too worried about pending jobs. Because, to restore power, we just need to take 5 minutes.

To apply this, find a place where you will not be disturbed. After that, take a deep breath and relax every muscle in your body. If  you feel sleepy, then sleep.

Shinya calls this brief nap as a power nap, because, just in 5 minutes or at most 30 minutes, we would be awakened with full power. A short break, according to the author of the Miracle of enzyme, permits the body to do homestatis or self recovery. As a result, our performance in the next session will take place effectively.