5 Myths and Facts About Diet


diet myths and factsPeople who wants to lose weight surely needs to struggle. Even so, it does not mean you can follow any assumptions you hear about diets.

The best step that needs to be done before starting a diet program is to consult with a nutritionist so you can practice a healthy method of weight loss program.

But first, so you don’t get mistaken, you need to know some myths and facts about diet, according to methodsofhealing.

1. Myth: Consumption of dietary supplements can help lose weight faster
Fact: Not true. Supplements are not banned. But, in fact, this kind of diet is unhealthy. Moreover, you also should not take supplements without a doctor’s recommendation.

2. Myth: You need to have exercise equipment or join a gym to get slim fast.
Fact: You do need exercise. But, you do not need to spend too much money for it. Therefore, regularly fast walking every day can help you lose weight.

3. Myth: Coffee suppress appetite.
Fact: It’s true, but again, nothing can replace solid foods in your body. Do not use coffee as a substitute for healthy food when you are hungry.

4. Myth: Just drink plenty of water.
Fact: Storing water in the body, it will help you with thirst. But, this is not a reason for not eating solid foods. And remember, you only need to drink as much water as your body needs (about 8 liters a day), no more and no less.

5. Myth: Hunger is the key to success.
Fact: This is not true and it is precisely contrary to the desire for healthy living. Allowing yourself to be hungry while trying to lose weight is not good for your diet program. Eat is okay to eat three meals a day, but try small amounts of food consumption.