5 natural sweeteners besides sugar

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Interesting facts about honeySugar is an essential nutrient that the body needs. But most sugars are not good for health. There are some dangers of sugar besides diabetes. So limit your intake of sugar or replace with other natural sweeteners, such as quoted from All Women Stalk below.

Honey is not only sweet, but also has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti fungal properties. So use honey as a natural sweetener instead of sugar in your home.

Organic milk or cream
Like to drink coffee? Just add milk or organic cream as a sugar substitute. Besides sweet, they also contain a variety of healthful nutrients.

Making a sauce for pasta sometimes uses sugar. But you can replace it with a carrot that has been milled or blended. It feels equally sweet and has far more nutrients.

Most red velvet cake gets the red color of beets. In addition, the sweetness of beet also makes the red velvet cake delicious. So do not hesitate to use beet as a natural sweetener instead of sugar.

Although it has a strong acidic taste, orange apparently also has a sweet taste that can be used to replace sugar in your salad topping.

Those are various natural sweetener instead of sugar. What do you usually replace sugar with?

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