5 Reasons to stay away from diet soda!


stay away from diet soda People should stay away from diet soda. Human consume foods to get the nutrients in it. But there are also foods that do not have nutrients at all and can not provide any health benefits for humans. Diet soda is included as one of them.

Many people still believe that diet soda can help them lose weight because it has no calories. But in fact, diet soda is filled with artificial sugar that can have a negative impact on health. Do not believe this? Here are some of the bad effects of diet soda for your body, as reported by Fit Sugar.

1 . Damage the skin
A study revealed that consuming diet soda regularly is associated with premature aging, especially on the skin. In the short term, diet soda may lower the pH of the skin that can cause acne and make your skin look not radiant and look tired all the time.

2 . Creating unstable mood
Aspartame that is found in diet sodas is associated with headaches, dizziness, and can even make the mood becomes unstable. This effect is more apt to occur in people who have a tendency for anxiety or depression.

3 . Increasing weight
In contrast to that is thought by many people, diet soda will not help you to go on a diet and lose weight. In contrast, diet soda actually leads to weight gain. The more diet soda a person consume, the higher the risk of a person being overweight. Research reveals that having the habit of consuming two cans of diet soda a day will increase waistlines by 500 percent.

4 . Increases the risk of heart attack
One study at the University of Miami found that people who consume diet soda every day had a risk of heart attack 44 percent higher than those who did not consume diet soda.

5 . Diabetes
Not only increases the risk of heart attacks, consuming diet soda every day also increases the chances of a person affected by type 2 diabetes by 25 percent compared with those who do not consume diet soda or those who consume them once a month.

Those are some reasons why you should immediately stop consuming diet soda. If you can not change, at least you can begin to reduce the consumption of diet soda and replace it with more healthful beverages.

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