5 Signs That Men Are Experiencing Depression


Male DepressionBoth men and women who are depressed most are down, often sad and have lost the passion to do activities. But sometimes depression have different signs in each person.

Ian A. Cook, a Psychiatry and the University of California, said, “There will be different results when we do a diagnostic on depressive symptoms based on gender.”

Well, according to Health, there are five signs that men experience depression. Here are the signs.

1. Fatigue
When suffering from depression, men will experience psychological and emotional changes that are not clear. Like fatigue, a man who is depressed will experience a decrease in body movement activities, and ways of thinking.

2. Too little or too much sleep
Sleep problems like insomnia, midnight waking, or sleeping too much, is a normal symptom for people with depression. Like fatigue, sleep problems become a major symptom in cases of depression in men.

3. Back and abdominal pain
Experiencing back pain and abdominal pain is a sign of someone suffering from depression. But most men do not realize the signs refer to depression.

4. Difficult in concentrating
One more sign of male depression: it is difficult to process information. As a result the level of concentration is also decreased. At that time they tend to slow down and constantly think negative. Finally they just find difficulty focusing on anything.

5. Easily angered and offended
In some men, their reaction during depression is becoming more irritable and aggressive.