5 Steps to protect heart health

5 Steps to protect heart health

Heart disease is a dangerous disease which is the second killer worldwide. Therefore, maintaining heart health is an important step that must be done. There are several things you can do to protect heart health.

Here are some healthy steps you can do to prevent heart disease, as reported by Live Strong (17/02).

1. Stop smoking
Smoking is one of the biggest factors that can damage the heart. Stop smoking, therefore, is one of the steps that must be done to get a healthy heart. A recent study found that quitting smoking can reduce the risk of heart attack more than 30 percent.

2. Perform the Mediterranean diet
A study revealed that the Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk of heart disease and risk of death. Mediterranean diet is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, and low-fat products. Some of the key composition of Mediterranean diet is peanut, olive oil, olives and red wine in moderate amount. This diet is known to prevent heart attacks and maintain a healthy heart.

3. Exercise
It is no secret that exercise will help keep the heart healthy. At least try to exercise half an hour, three times a week. Although for a while, but this exercise can give good impact to the health of your heart. Be careful not to do excessive exercise.

4. Pay attention to body fat
Watch your weight and the amount of fat in your body. Fat deposition, especially in the abdomen, may increase the risk of heart disease. Obesity can also be one of the risk factors for heart disease. So always pay attention to your weight. Do not get overweight and let the fat accumulate in the body.

5. Socialize
Psychological factors also have an important role in heart health. Therefore, pay attention to your mental health. Stress, anxiety, and depression can increase the risk of heart disease. Likewise with rarely socializing. Meanwhile, diligently socializing, with friends, family, and colleagues, can lower your risk of heart disease.

Heart attacks and strokes are not only triggered by a single factor, but also a variety of interrelated factors. The more risk factors you have, the higher the risk of heart disease also experience. To maintain the health of your heart, do the five steps above!

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