5 strange ways to feel full fast


There are many popular diet programs and promises you to lose weight in a short time. But rather than having to comply with the strict rules of diet, you could try strange ways to quickly feel full when you eat, just as quoted by Prevention.

Chewing gum
Before eating, try chewing gum for a few minutes. A study had shown that people who consume chewing gum forĀ  eight minutes makes them spend 19 percent less food than normal portions.

Using heavy plates
Another study conducted by experts from Spain and the United Kingdom also found strange tricks for you to quickly feel full. The trick is to use a heavier dish while enjoying the food. It is said that it will make you more satisfied when only eating less food.

Choosing the right fork
People who eats with a small fork 21 percent eat less. This was proven by a research from the University of Utah. How can it be? Apparently a small fork needs many times for you put food in your mouth. So you would think that you ate a lot and feel full faster.

Eating with your other hand
If you are accustomed to holding a spoon with your right hand, try to eat using the other hand. The strange method makes you concentrate more on the food and end up feeling full quickly because it takes a long time to eat.

Using a small plate
There is also a research from Cornell University that says people who eats using large plates could spend 31 percent more food. Because they tend not to be able to leave the food and choose to finish it. Conversely, with a small plate, you can control the portions and feel full sooner.