5 surprising health benefits of beer


surprising health benefits of beerBeer that can make you drunk turned out to have considerable health benefits. However, the recommended limit of drinking beer to get its benefit is two glasses per day for men and one glass for women.

Check out more health benefits of drinking beer as quoted from Care2 below.

Dark beer with high temperature processing contain natural antioxidants and vitamins more than light-colored beer.

The content of beer is 90 percent water. So that drinking beer will make you avoid dehydration. Research from Finland also said that drinking can prevent kidney stones.

Heart disease
Although it is a liquid, beer is rich in fiber. Just like other fibrous foods, beer also has properties to lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

Because it contains the element of silicon, beer also has properties to increase bone density. So beer is able to prevent osteoporosis.

There is a chemical in hops – a plant that gives a bitter taste to the beer – which is able to create a defense against virus attacks, lower cholesterol, to fight cancer.

Those are the surprising health benefits of beer. But that does not mean you are required to drink beer to get these benefits. For all the choices for a healthy lifestyle remains in your hands.

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