5 sweet and healthy snacks to celebrate Valentine’s Day


sweet and healthy snacks to celebrate Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is usually celebrated by giving sweets to your loved ones. On this day, as if eating all sweets are allowed no matter the impact it provides on the body’s health.

Eating too many sugary foods can cause adverse effects on the body. Especially if you have a blood sugar problem or diabetes. But do not worry, you still can feel the sweetness of Valentine with sweet foods that are healthy. What are they? Here they are as reported by Boldsky.

1 . Dark chocolate
Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine. If you want to give someone chocolate, choose dark chocolate that does not contain a lot of sugar or milk mixture. Dark chocolate is known to have substances that can trigger serotonin, a brain chemical that causes feelings of pleasure and happiness. Besides that, dark chocolate is also good for heart health.

2 . Oatmeal cookies 
Oatmeal cookies are healthier when compared to a cake made from flour. Oats are known to be rich in fiber and good for the movement and a healthy digestive system. Besides that, oatmeal cookies are also sweet and suitable for use as a Valentine gift. If your partner is on a diet, oatmeal cookies is the right choice because it does not contain too much fat.

3 . Dried Fruits
Sweet foods are not only chocolate and cakes dried fruit can also be a healthy sweetener for Valentine’s Day. Dried fruit can increase the hemoglobin, prevent cancer, control cholesterol, and blood pressure. In addition, dried fruit is also good for heart health.

4 . Cinnamon Candy
Candy and snacks are also one of the favorite gifts many people provide on Valentine’s day . However, you should not select candies that contain too much sugar. You can choose cinnamon candy that has many health benefits. Not only that, cinnamon candy is also good for weight loss.

5 . Sweet yogurt
Want a snack for Valentine’s day that is not mainstream? Try yogurt! Yogurt can be a sweet Valentine’s sweet snack and is also healthy. Yogurt contains calcium, potassium, and phosphorus that are good for maintaining liver health.

Those are some sweet snacks that you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day. In addition to being sweet, these foods can also provide many health benefits. Good luck!

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