5 Techniques to Clean Liver from Fat


Techniques to Clean Liver from FatFat accumulation in the liver should not be ignored, if not addressed it will cause indigestion. In addition to drugs to cope with the problem, there are some ‘treatment’ that is worth a try.

The cause of fatty liver or abdominal fat accumulation is triggered by unhealthy eating habits. Not only adults, children are also potentially affected by this disease. If it is severe, you or your child will be difficult to digest foods, even drinking water.

Therefore, here are some solutions to overcome the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, as cited in Boldsky:

Avoid Oily Food
Oil is one of the enemy for people with fatty liver. In addition, the oil also reduces the ability of the liver to secrete digestive fluid. And eventually can cause indigestion and nausea.

For those with fat, it would be better if they stimulate internal organs to stay healthy and function properly. The easiest and simplest way is by walking. This can help the liver secretes enzymes for digestion.

There are some poses in yoga exercise to improve blood circulation, especially in your abdomen. Not only that, yoga also can stimulate the liver to cope with the accumulation of fat. For that, try ashtanga yoga position.

It is a triangular position with the left foot (alternately) pulled back as high as possible using the left hand, to align with the body leaning forward. Hold your balance.

Green vegetables
Basically green vegetables do not contain fat. In addition, green leafy vegetables also have a lot of antioxidants that help kill the toxins from the liver. This means that eating green vegetables is the best way to avoid the accumulation of liver fat.

Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol is a major trigger of liver fat accumulation. Besides alcohol being not good for health, excessive alcohol consumption leads to this problem.

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