5 Things You Have to Tell Your Doctor


consulting a doctorSometimes feeling of awkward, reluctant or fear, appears when you consult with your doctor. Especially when the doctor asks about habits and lifestyle in detail.

This habit made many patients often do not provide health information about themselves in full or tend to cover it. In fact, health information from you as a patient is very important for doctors to diagnose health complaints properly.

To be a smart patient, know the five things you must tell your doctor in detail, according to CNN.

1. Vitamins, herbal medicines and supplements consumed
Drugs and supplements can interact with other drugs in different ways. So, there is a possibility of harmful side effects.

2. Tell if you smoke
Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages has a direct impact on your body. Tell also how often you smoke and consume alcohol. The doctor will understand health concerns which you may have and directs the proper medication.

3. Changes in your body
If you notice any changes in the body, such as breast lumps, unusual moles, or other unusual changers, you should also tell your doctor. This is very important, because you are the one who knows most about your own body. So, always tell your doctor if there is changes in your body to know if it is dangerous or not.

4. Depression or stress
Do not hesitate to tell your doctor if you are stressed or depressed, because psychological conditions have a major impact on physical health. The doctor could refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist, so that you get appropriate treatment.

5. Family health history
Tell your doctor about your family health history. There are many diseases that are genetic, so it is very important for doctors to find out, to get the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment.