5 Things You Need to be Honest About to Obstetricians


obstetriciansDiscussing pregnancy is ethical, not everything needs to be discussed if you do not want to make other people offended. Another case when dealing with obstetricians, some of these things really need to be delivered as it is.

A doctor works under a vow, so they can not talk about their patients. So do not worry, there is nothing to hide for the health and safety of the womb.

Here are things that are important to be honest with an obstetricians

1. Who is the father of the baby?
Doctors are not talking about morality and legality of marriage when asking this. Some things related to fetal health is closely related with lineages, so it is important to note.

For example if the mother’s blood group type of negative while her father is positive, then the mother is Rh immunoglobulin should be injected to ensure the safety of the fetus. Regarding to ethnicity also need to be addressed, because certain inter-ethnic marriages have a higher risk for producing offspring disease.

2. Do you often consume alcohol?
Do not worry, the doctor will not punish a person who drinks alcohol because it is not their authority. Consumption of alcohol is important to note because it relates to drug reactions and interactions in the body.

In addition, the consumption of alcohol also increases the risk of breast cancer so doctors can determine the type of inspection more efficiently.

3. How many people have you ever had sex with?
The doctor surely will not ask patients to name them one by one. This question just wants to make sure of a person’s sexual tendencies, whether monogamy or polygamy.

If there is a tendency of polygamy or sex with more than a partner, a person are more at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Given these circumstances, physicians should prioritize the appropriate examination.

4. Have you ever had an abortion?
Usually the doctor will ask this in patients who come with complaints of difficulty in getting pregnant. This is of course important to know because it is closely related to reproductive health.

If someone have had an abortion, chances are the patient became infertile because of injury. Injuries caused by abortion are also important to know if you want to undergo cervical surgery, because it would need different treatment.

5. Does your sex drive decreases?
All matters relating to sex drive is most comfortable when talking with a partner. But if you are asked by a obstetricians about it, jut admit what you feel because actually the doctor are examining the hormonal condition of the patient.

Decreased sex drive that could indicate depression that directly or indirectly may affect fertility, pregnancy and the fetus. But most important, these symptoms also showed a thyroid disorder that can affect metabolism in general.

Source: CNN