5 Tips to prevent cavities in toddlers


prevent cavities in toddlersIf not maintained properly, baby teeth can be easily damaged and decayed or commonly called cavities. Therefore, parents should be more concerned with dental health of infants in order to avoid health problems, especially cavities. Cavities is one of the most common chronic disease experienced by children aged 6 to 11 years and adolescents aged 12 to 19 years. Here are five tips to prevent cavities in toddlers, as reported by WebMD.

1. Go to the dentist from an early age

From the age of 1 year, you can get them used to visit the dentist. Early prevention can make a child avoid more serious health problems.

2. Caring for oral health

You can brush your child’s teeth and gums gently, using water on a soft baby toothbrush, or just clean the child’s teeth with a soft cloth.

3. Do not let the child get used to sleeping while sucking a bottle

Pediatricians and teeth have warned parents not to accustom a baby or older child to take a nap with a bottle of juice or formula milk in their mouth. Sweet liquid in the bottle can be attached to the baby’s teeth and also provide food for the bacteria that live in the mouth. The bacteria produce acids that can trigger cavities.

4. Medicine with a variety of flavors

Many medicines for children are given various Flavors. If it sticks to the teeth, tooth decay risk will rise. Antibiotics and some types of asthma medications can also cause an overgrowth of candida (yeast), which can cause a fungal infection called oral thrush. Therefore, after taking medication, give a glass of water to rinse the child’s mouth. This method avoids plaque builds up on teeth.

5. Replace bottle with cup

Early on, make children get used to always drink using a cup or glass, and not a bottle. Also avoid the habit of giving fruit juice to children because it can be attached to the tooth and increase the risk of cavities.