5 Tips to sleep and wake up on a regular basis every day


sleep regularlySleeping and waking up at the same hour every day has many health benefits. This type of discipline is unfortunately still rarely done by many people. So try to see some tips to sleep and wake up regularly every day as reported by the Huffington Post below.

Do not delay
When the body feels tired and you yawn many times, it means your body is telling you that it’s time to rest. So do not ignore or postpone to rest when the body has given the signal.

Eat and drink nutritious foods
Before and after sleep, make it a habit to always consume water. As for food , avoid eating two hours before bedtime for digestion . Consumption of nutritious foods and beverages is important to support the maximum break time .

Keep a journal
Not just for people on a diet, you should also keep a journal to sleep. Record the time in which you feel more sleepy, then discover why. That way, you can set the hours of sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

Turn off the phone
Before going to bed, turn off all cell phones and electronic devices that could interfere with your rest. Phones can be used as an alarm so you can wake up the next morning at the same time every day.

Ask for help
If all else has been tried but does not succeed, try to contact your doctor. Consulting with an expert will certainly help you overcome the problem of sleeping.

Make sure you sleep for seven to eight hours a day. Also, do not sleep too late or wake up late .

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