5 Types of hidden toxins at home


Use of substance or certain appliances at home is considered dangerous to health, such as air fresheners. Although labeled to provide freshness for 24 hours straight, you should not be fooled simply by reading it.

In addition to air fresheners, there are actually some other things that are toxic and hidden in the house. Take a look at the explanation, as quoted by Care2.

Air freshener
Instead of using air freshener in a can, it is better you create them yourself from natural materials such as potpouri (dried flowers) and aromatherapy oils. Because air fresheners are made from chemical compounds that are likely to contain many toxins. It is also known that air fresheners can cause allergy.

Fabric softener
Do not be fooled by the scent of the fabric softeners offered in the market. Because the scent of lavender or rose are usually made of a chemical compound that can cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin types.

Among apples sold in the market, most of the fruit actually contain pesticides that are harmful to the body. So you might as well choose to eat organic apples if you like this fruit.

Camphor is also one kind of poison hidden in the house. Camphor often attributed as a cause of cancer. You better use other ways instead of camphor for clothes in the closet.

Perfume turned out to be toxic hidden in the house. If you have sensitive skin, the side effects of chemical compounds in perfumes will certainly impact worse. In order to minimize this, you should be more diligent to take a shower so you do not need perfume as a body deodorant.

Those are different types of poison hidden in the house. Make sure you do not use them too often or get rid of them from your house.