5 unhealthy habits that are often done by women


extreme dietWomen are very concerned about health, especially the health of the people they love. But unfortunately, sometimes women themselves actually do some unhealthy habits that can harm their health.

Here are some unhealthy habits that are often performed by women as reported from boldsky.com.

1 . Crazy diet
When a woman feels that her clothes start to feel tight, then they immediately do diet or reduce food consumption drastically. Many of them then skip breakfast. Though this may be bad for their health.

2 . Wearing the wrong bra size
To highlight the beauty of their breasts, many women wears a bra that is too tight. In addition, a study also found that many women wear the wrong bra size. This habit is not only able to damage the natural shape of the breast, but is also capable of causing breast pain.

3 . Excessive accessories
To support appearance, women like to wear accessories. One way is to wear earrings that are too heavy and forget to take it off when going to bed. This habit is able to make the hole in the ear increase in size.

4 . Like to wear high heels
Women also like to wear high heels. These types of shoes can boost their confidence levels. However, too often wearing high heels would cause pain in the ankle, cause joint pain, and back pain.

5 . The wrong type of underwear
Health of genitals is also an important thing. However, many women wear the wrong type of fabric for underwear. Most of them prefer the beauty of the clothes and do not pay attention to the material used. Use underwear made ??with cotton fabric for better hygiene and moisture of your genitals than using silk.

Those are some types of unhealthy habits that are still often performed by women today.