5 Unique Ways to prevent the risk of cancer

5 Unique Ways to prevent the risk of cancer

Cancer has been known to be creepy at the same time a deadly disease. Because sometimes people with this disease can not get a complete cure and cancer cells are still able to grow even after surgery. So the prevention of cancer as early as possible is needed.

Well, here are some simple and unique ways to prevent cancer risks:

Move every 2 hours
Did you know that your risk of developing cancer, especially cancer of the uterus, intestine, and lungs will be increased to 10% if you sit too long? So when you feel that you have been sitting too long or do not perform active movements, always move your body every 2 hours. Whether for running or jogging.

Avoid consumption of grilled meat
No one can deny that steak or grilled meat is a very tasty food, especially if supported by the aroma of barbecued meat. However, these foods can cause the growth of cancer cells in the body. This happens because fat that is burned turn into karsinogeik substances. To counteract the effect, mix with lemon juice if you eat them.

Always have fruit in the refrigerator
Always provide fruit in the refrigerator as a snack that is a healthy way to prevent cancer. Because every time you want to snack, immediate consume fruit rather than eating foods rich in MSG, salt, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

Turn off the candles
Believe it or not, aromatherapy candles usually lit can also be turned into a source of carcinogenic substances and pollutants that can cause cancer. So if it is not necessary, turn off your usual aromatherapy candles lit.

Sleeping in the dark
Sleeping in total darkness can increase growth of melatonin hormone. This hormone is produced naturally by the body to prevent the growth of various types of cancer.

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