5 Ways to Deal with People Who Wants to Commit Suicide


prevent suicide attemptSuicide must be faced very seriously. If we face someone who says that s/he wants to end his life, than they need appropriate mental health care, and their security have to be monitored closely.

However, we may not always be able to call a psychiatrist dealing with someone who want to commit suicide. But that does not mean we can not help them. According to Ehow, the following tips can hopefully help save one’s very precious life.

1. Learn a variety of danger signs from someone who has thought about suicide. Then see if these symptoms appear on the person you think will commit suicide. Be careful on the symptoms such as sudden increase of emotion after suffering from depression, making sudden decisions to something that needs a lot of consideration, giving away precious objects to others, and various other signs.

2. Be good, gentle and caring to the person. Tell them that there are still people on this planet who needs and love them. Listen to whatever they want to say, do not try to deny the experience of their life. Words like “what you feel is nothing compared to others” usually does not give much positive effect.

3. Investigate carefully whether they have prepared their plan. If s/he is at home see whether there are weapons that are ready to be used, dangerous pills, or anything else that could be used to commit suicide. Try to keep it out of reach, make sure you get serious help.

4. While waiting for help, get them busy by talking about their problems. Discussion of the problem can often obscure the intent to suicide or make him feel tired and fall asleep. Do not stop seeking psychiatric help during this process.

5. Encourage them to contact a psychiatrist. Offer help to drive them and accompany them to a crisis center, or emergency department. Do not leave them alone before you are sure they have met with experts who can handle this.