5 Ways to Overcome Premenstrual Syndrome


overcome premenstrual syndromePremenstrual syndrome (PMS) often becomes a problem for women every month. But PMS do not have to cause misery. There are at least 5 healthyways to overcome PMS.

Before entering a period of menstruation, women typically often feel abdominal cramps, mood swings, bloating and nausea. It is actually reasonable, but there are several ways to ease it.

Well, here are 5 ways to overcome premenstrual syndrome:

1. Mild exercise
Mild exercise such as brisk walking and swimming can help alleviate painful cramps and reduce bloating. Yoga and pilates are also good for relaxation and stretching.

2. Reduce Craving
During PMS, you should reduce the habit of having chocolate, crisps or other snacks. Fluctuating hormones can cause you to be addicted. Better watch your diet, drink water and maintain your salt intake and blood sugar levels. This can help maintain appetite and relieve bloating.

3. Sleep and rest
The body will perform the task of healing and gives energy while you’re sleeping. In addition, you can be more tired and slower than usual during menstrual periods, so sleep can restore your energy back.

PMS really can disrupt sleep so you can reduce or eliminate intake of caffeine to have a better sleep.

4. Use the old fashioned way, pillows or hot water bottle
You may not believe it when your grandmother or mother suggests you to use a pillow or a hot water bottle. But it is actually true, pillows and hot water bottle placed on abdomen or back can relieve cramps because of PMS.

5. Becareful in taking medicine
Many women consume drugs like naproxen and ibuprofen to eliminate or at least reduce some symptoms of PMS. In addition, there are countless natural and herbal remedies. Be careful in taking drugs because its effects would be long term.

source: Sheknows