5 Weirdest Phobias in the Real World


Weirdest Phobias in the Real World

There are many different unique phobias that we often here abut. Some time ago, there was a woman who had phobia of stairs. Her name is Louise Wilson, a 43-year-old woman who immediately felt pain when she is near the stairs. Her head starts spinning, her hands starts sweating, she also feels nausea and stomach ache.

You might think that it sounds ridiculous, but in fact these types of phobias do exists. It was known that she suffered from Bathmophobia. It is a fear when being around stairs. Experts say, this phobia arises because of negative experiences associated with steep objects, such as falling from a hill or stairs.

The trauma of pas events could be the cause of such phobias. The frightening feelings arise when they experience a similar situation from what causes the trauma.

If you think that Bathmophobia is strange, well in fact there are other strange phobias that exists. There are some strange fear or phobia that is felt by a handful of other people, just as quoted by Boldsky:

It is one kind of fear that is strange. People with this phobia fear of sitting during a visit to the dentist. This disorder is closely related to sharp objects that seem painful. Indications: sweating, shortness of breath, and anxiety.

The existence of ‘another world’ is often used as a reason someone easily develop this fear. Abnormal fear is often perceived continuously. People with this phobia believe that beings from ‘another world’ continues to roam. Symptoms that appear are considered irrational behavior, anxious when discussing demons, as well as fear will increase when they are alone in a dark house.

This is one of phobia that is quite unique, because people with this phobia are afraid of mirrors. These conditions arise due to their belief that the mirror has supernatural powers. They believe that seeing the mirror will bring bad luck.

This phobia is generally experienced by children. Fear will arise when looking at dolls that they consider creepy. Not only that, some women also often feel scared when they saw dolls or mannequin, especially when they are shopping. They believe that these dolls can live in the real world.

Have you seen someone afraid to sit down at the dinner table. When sitting at the table with everyone else, the fear will arise especially when talking to other people at the dinner table and at some other situations.