5 Wrong Myths About Heart Health


heart healthMost people do not think about their heart health until something bad happens. Though fact is that the organ sized of a human fist has an important function for the body.

According to HowStuffWorks, there are 5 false myths about heart health, which are:

1. It is easy to recognize someone who had a heart attack
In various scenes of a movie heart attack is always synonymous with someone who holds their left chest, breathing heavily and sweating. Pain in the left chest that spreads to the arms are the characteristics of heart attack

This is not entirely correct because the symptoms does not always appear so it is often too late to provide help.

A person may not experience chest pain, but actually feels pain in the abdomen, back, jaw or neck, difficulty in breathing, nausea and feeling very tired. When these conditions arise, you should immediately find out the cause where there is a possibility that it could have come from the heart.

2. Someone will be free of heart disease if you eat trans fat-free foods
Trans fats are not good friends to the heart, but buying all the foods labeled trans fat-free is not a good way to protect the heart.

People will tend to consume these foods in large quantities, but these products are not necessarily completely free of trans fats and there is a possibility that it contains saturated fats which is also an ‘enemy’ for the heart. For that read food labels carefully and thoroughly.

3. Someone just feels stressed and anxious, but do not have heart problems
Most people who feel stressed or anxious would run into things that are not healthy like drinking alcohol or smoking, if occurs continuously, there will be risk of heart damage.

Some symptoms of heart problems is often seen as a sign of stress or anxiety, such as heart beat faster or irregularly. In fact it could be a sign that something is wrong in the heart.

Today, with a high level of activity, society often assumes that stress and anxiety is a common thing in life. But if the stress occurs continuously, it would interfere with heart rate, which in the long run makes the heart weaken and reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood throughout the body.

4. Heart disease only attacks middle-aged people
Someone who is old does have a greater risk of heart disease, but it does not mean young people are free of heart disease. This is because people lives an unhealthy lifestyle like too much fast food consumption, physical inactivity and other unhealthy lifestyles.

5. People who are fit do not have to worry about their heart
OneĀ  factor that affect heart health is genetic, if parents have a disorder of the heart, it will make a bigger risk factor. In addition, medical history also can affect such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol problems.

So someone who feels fit or healthy still has a risk, therefore examination of health conditions and monitoring cardiac performance is important.