5 Year Old Girl Suffers from Anorexia


child anorexiaA five-year-old girl was rushed to a hospital due to anorexia. This case adds to a long list of under age girls in the UK who suffer from eating disorders as a result of obsessed of being slim.

According to mirror.co.uk, at least 98 girls aged 5-7 years old, 99 girls aged 8-9 years old, and 1,900 girls aged 10-15 years old suffers from a similar case in the past three years.

Statistical data showed how skinny models and celebrities which are imaged by magazines and television not only poison the adolescent and adult women, but also children. A survey by a local agency says that there are many girls aged under 14 years old who underwent a diet.

“The children see the pictures in a magazine about very slim celebrities. They then think how they can be like them,” said Susan Ringwood, a social activist. “More and more children are trying to transform themselves into slim models in magazines.”

Accompany the case, leading fashion brand Toshop gets harsh criticism for showing skinny models for advertising products. The choice of the model is feared to further improve anorexia cases in women, especially children.

Besides anorexia cases in under age children, some activists also highlighted the spread of child’s special beauty salon in the country. Not just haircut, the salon for children aged below 13 years old offers beauty treatments such as facials, manicure, pedicure, cream bath, hair spa, hair styling, waxing, makeup, tanning, to piercing.

In the midst of discussions regarding issues of sexuality exploitation of children, the local government called for protective measures against the innocence of children, especially girls. Protection includes rules to control how to dress and style of the children.