5:55 PM, Most Stressful Time for Mothers


stressed momWhen do mothers feel most stress? A study revealed at 5:55 pm. That’s when millions of mothers in the world are busy and stressful preparing dinner for her family.

According to The Telegraph, the second most stressful time recorded is 7:15 am when bathing their toddlers. While the third most stressful time is at 8:45 pm taking their children to sleep.

The study was conducted by Betterbathrooms involving 2,000 mothers in the UK. In the study, it was also revealed that half of the mothers admitted that it is difficult to control emotions during those rush hours.

“Balancing the demands of work in the office and in the family is sometimes very difficult, but it is really surprising that the most stressful time for mothers is when preparing meals,” said Pete Robertshaw of Betterbathrooms.com.

Plus, half the mothers claim their children refuse to eat and do not like the food prepared. Yet every day they had thought hard about food variation for their children.

The mothers also complained about how difficult it is to manage the family. It is even more difficult and stressful than working in the office. Most of them also feels that they don’t have enough time for themselves.

With this research result, Pete Robertshaw advised mothers to relax for an hour in a week. “They should have time to bathe, drink wine, read a book and leave their children with their father,” said Pete.