6 Alternative cancer therapy


acupuncture alternative cancer therapyIn addition to chemotherapy  that rely n drugs, there are actually other ways to fight cancer. What are they? Check out six alternative cancer therapy as reported by Forbes below.

According to Acupuncture Today, some people believe this traditional Chinese medication method can help prevent the effective resistance system to cure cancer. Meanwhile, the National Cancer Institute only mention acupuncture as a way to relieve the side effects of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy by means of controlling pain.

Daily Supplements
Professor Jacek Pinsky of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, explained that the dietary supplement is now used as treatment and prevention of prostate cancer. Typically, a commonly used supplement is green tea, lycopene (from tomatoes, papaya or guava), selenium (in nuts and fish), genistein (in soy, tofu, and soy milk), vitamin E and vitamin D.

Pomegranate juice
“Some studies suggest that drinking pomegranate juice can slow the growth of prostate cancer,” said one of the experts from Mayo Clinic.

Coffee Enema
Enema is the procedure of inclusion fluid into the colon through the anus. Unfortunately, this procedure is considered quite controversial. Though coffee is rich in antioxidants that can stimulate certain nerves in the gut and makes liver more maximum in detoxifying the body.

Some doctors who uses the chromatotherapy procedure believe that giving a light color in the body can make cancer cells die. Although the American Cancer Society says that there are no strong evidence of the effectiveness of the use of the color therapy.

Eco-activist Wiebo Ludwug, 69, from Canada claimed to have undergone therapy procedures involving injections of vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide to treat the throat cancer he suffered. He chose this method than the other methods that generates a lot of controversy.

Those are some alternative therapies to cure cancer. If you also intend to do so, try to consult with your doctor first.