6 Benefits of sweet honey milk for a healthy skin



Milk is known as a super-healthy drink that is rich in nutrients and minerals. While honey also save a lot of healthy benefits in it. So the combination of the two healthy food is also it is definitely worthwhile to improve the health of your body.

Here’s a super-healthy benefits of milk honey for skin health, especially as reported from boldsky.com.

Creating glowing skin
Glowing skin you can get when you put on a mask of milk and honey on your skin. Because honey milk rich in anti-oxidant substances that can beautify the skin and brighten your skin.

Prevents premature aging
Besides making the skin glowing, honey milk is also able to make your skin wrinkle free. Apply honey on your face milk regularly and get youthful skin.

Creating a deep sleep
A good night’s sleep is one of the secrets to keep your skin healthy. While honey milk alone is able to make you become more quality sleep.

treating acne
You have stubborn acne? Trying to heal naturally by applying honey milk on it. As a bonus, in addition to acne cured you can also have a smooth shiny skin.

moisturize lips
Cold temperatures often make your lips chapped. If you experience it, you can apply honey milk over lips to moisturize lips.

Removing scars
Not many people know that milk honey is able to remove scars especially smallpox scars. Make sure you diligently apply it every day to remove it.

Besides drinking, milk honey was able to beautify your skin by rubbing on the skin. Interested to try?