6 best ways to overcome sore throat


Suffering from sore throat can be very painful. Because you will feel pain when speaking or swallowing food. It was even said that sore throat is contagious. But at least you can relieve sore throat in the best way, as reported by Indiatimes below.

Eating garlic
Garlic contains a compound called allicin which is a bacteria-killing agent. So try to chew garlic to issue allicin compound in order to overcome strep throat.

Sore throat reliever candy
Lozenges or sore throat reliever candy can also be consumed to stimulate saliva production. So that the saliva will keep your mouth always wet. In addition, most lozenges contain vitamin C, pectin, and zinc which improves the immune system.

Warm salt water
Although this is quite traditional, but gargling with warm salt water is pretty effective to overcome strep throat. Because salt water helps reduce inflammation and relieve throat pain. You can gargle warm salt water every three to four hours.

Consumption of fluid
When suffering from strep throat, you should consume liquids in large quantities in order to keep the throat moist. The liquid will also sweep the bacteria assembled in the throat. Try selecting warm drinks such as tea, coffee, or a mixture of honey and warm lemon juice to overcome strep throat.

Inhaling steam
Typically, strep throat also trigger symptoms of fever and runny nose or nasal congestion. If you also experience it, you can inhale steam to facilitate breathing. The way is the best solution to overcome both conditions, fever as well as sore throat.

Eat chicken soup
Lastly, you can overcome strep throat with warm chicken soup. Because experts found sodium in chicken broth is an anti-inflammatory that makes you recover from strep throat.

Those are the best ways to overcome strep throat. In addition, there are some sore throat relief food that you can consume, such as bananas, carrots, boiled eggs, and other soft dishes.

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