6 Body beauty secrets of Japanese women

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Averagely, Japanese woman has  a slim body. Not only that. They also have a white glowing skin. What could be the secret to their beauty and slim body? Apparently, diet and how to eat is be secret behind the beautiful body owned by Japanese women. Here are how to shape the body like beautiful Japanese woman, as reported by Healthypro.org.

1. Enjoy food
Japanese people have a healthy diet that includes the consumption of low-calorie food that are delicious. In addition, the foods are served with beautiful order and eye-catching. This is what makes them eat slowly and really enjoy their food. Enjoying food you eat can suppress appetite.

2. Served in small portions
In Japan, foods are always served in small bowls and plates. This is because people can eat 45 percent more than the portion normally, when a meal is served in larger portions.

3. Very pleased with vegetables
Japan is one of the country that are crazy with vegetables because almost all types of food in Japan mix various kinds of vegetables. A total of 4-5 types of vegetables can be served in one meal.

4. Prefer fish instead of meat
The Japanese prefer to eat fish instead of meat. Types of fresh fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and fresh herring are favorite foods of Japanese citizens. And this is the main source of omega-3 fatty acids that are well known to provide benefits for the  heart.

5. A healthy dessert
Typical Japanese dessert are various types of fruits that are peeled, sliced and arranged on a plate. While eating fresh fruits, they usually have a cup of Japanese green tea rich in antioxidants.

6. Like walking or riding a bike
Riding bikes and walking are part of everyday life in Japan. So, no wonder if they walk much stronger and live longer.

Those are some healthy things that Japanese women do to get a beautiful body. Lets stimulate a healthy lifestyle that are good for physical fitness and can prolong life.

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