6 first aid techniques essential during travelling


6 first aid techniques essential during travelling

You have prepared plans for Christmas holidays and the new year? Usually such a long holiday is used by families to vacation together. You must prepare the necessary equipment in the course later. Make sure medicines and essential items already available.

Not quite up there, you also must be ready to anticipate the risk of health problems that may occur on the trip. Conditions unfamiliar surroundings make us vulnerable to the risk of food poisoning, allergy attack, or drunk on the way.

For that we present the first aid measures that may be useful to you in the trip.

1.Pertolongan for asthma attacks
You who have asthma or are traveling with people with asthma should be prepared for the possibility of an asthma attack that could have happened. If this is the case, you can try first aid techniques recommended the following Boldsky site.

1. Avoid the victim as far as possible from the trigger asthma attacks, for example, smoke or dust.

2. Help the victim to sit. Reassure him and asked to take a deep breath. Make sure the victim is not to panic, so that the condition is not getting worse.

3. If the victim using tight clothes, loosen the clothes.

4. Use of inhalers for asthma sufferers. If no, give drink warm water first. Wait until inhalers come.

5. If the condition of the victim is still not improved, immediately brought to the hospital.

2.Pertolongan first for a heart attack
According to Dr. Virend Somers of the Mayo Clinic, heart attacks often occur in the morning and afternoon. To give first aid to a heart attack in the morning, patients are advised to chew an aspirin. After that, immediately contact a medical expert for further treatment.

Aspirin in small doses can slow blood clotting process that can worsen the condition of patients with heart attacks. In addition, with chewed aspirin will work faster than drunk.

4.Pertolongan first to nausea
Motion sickness is the most common problem occurs when traveling. If this happens, perform the following steps.

1. Move the seat closest to the driver. Because the front of the vehicle at least turbulence and sharp cornering movement. Sometimes that’s what makes people sick.

2. Sit in a position where the vision and movement can be equally perceived by the eye and the body. For example, sitting in the front seat of the car, looking forward.

3. Avoid pungent aroma and spicy foods that actually make you sicker.

5.Pertolongan first for food poisoning
Eating foods that can not be ascertained in the quality can make your trip poisoned. This poisoning can be marked nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or headache.

1. Complete vomiting and diarrhea experienced by the victim. This is the way the body to remove toxins. Do not use diarrhea or nausea drug that inhibits the detoxification process.

2. After vomiting and diarrhea completely, make sure the victim does not become dehydrated. Give drink containing electrolytes.

6.Pertolongan first to fainting
To provide first aid for people who experience fainting, you can try the tips of the site Health Me Up follows.

1. While the victim shows signs of loss of consciousness, and then lay the strut body slowly. This action is useful to prevent injury victims.

2. Immediately move victim to a safer place if it is detected in the vicinity of the danger.

3. Do not move the victim, if you know of any bone fracture or injury to the neck or head.

4. Do not clustered around the victim. Give space for the victim to breathe freely.

5. If the victim was conscious, give him drink sweet. Often fainting caused by low blood sugar, less salt, and dehydration.

That’s 6 first aid techniques that may be you need on the go. Hope it is useful.