6 Function of controling fear for mental health


controling fear for mental healthWhen in high-risk situations, naturally you will feel scared. But you should try to master you fear. Because controling fear turned out to benefit mental health. How can that be? Know more, as quoted from Care2 below.

The most thins feared by people, be it loss of love, money, or someone, is actually not life threatening. Although you really can not eliminate fear itself, but recognizing it as a normal thing and not excessive will help you go through everything well.

If you’re afraid to jump because there is a cliff  the feeling is natural. But if you fear of writing a book because you fear of failing, it would be something that makes no sense. Fighting the fear it will help you to learn that one should strive though later they fail.

Sometimes a person hesitate in making decisions for they fear of bad things will happen. Fear is like a form of self-protection. Still, if you are not able to control it, you will be forever trapped in a false protection.

Make friends
Have you tried to make friends with fear? For example, call it by a  funny or silly name. That way, you will more easily control the fear and regard it as a childhood friend who sometimes is annoying.

Whenever you feel afraid, think about the things that can strengthen you and fight the fear. Help in yourself can make you more confident and able to eliminate the fear with courage.

Other people
Try to get together with people who dare to face fear. Ask them to teach you. Because sometimes the opinions of others can become the greatest input that you did not expect before. Making friends with them will also able to increase your confidence.

Those are the function of controlling fear for mental health. Bottom line, do not be caught up in the fear that will not take you anywhere.