6 Health mistakes made by women


Health mistakes made by womenYou may think that your body is in a healthy condition. You have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. But unfortunately, many women are still unaware of their health, this is as reported by the Third Age.

Weight loss
Many women think their weight is excessive, so they try to undergo a strict diet. There is also the thought that they have an ideal body shape, when in fact that they are too thin. So measuring BMI (body mass index) should be done before a particular diet program.

Medical tests
Women also underestimate health tests recommended by their doctor. Though the test is a useful method to detect the disease early. Hence, do not ever put off medical tests that have been consulted with a doctor.

Heart disease
If women think that heart disease only men’s issues, they are wrong. For anyone who is overweight, does not maintain cholesterol levels, and neglect of health are also at high risk of heart disease.

Exercise is healthy. However, the body will become immune and no longer burn a lot of calories if you do the same exercise every time. So create a target every time you make physical activity to keep the body more healthy and fit.

Music makes you exercise better. However, the effect is even worse if you turn the volume up to the highest volume. We recommend that you set the volume between 10-50 percent when listening to music using earphones.

There are a growing number of food products that are labeled low fat. Nevertheless, it does not mean that it is low in sugar. Women are often deceived and ignore food labels that provide complete information about the ingredients of a product.

Those are the variety of health mistakes women do.

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