6 Health Risks Due to Cell Phone Use


Health Risks Due to Cell Phone UseAs the times and technology advance, cell phones or mobile phones became one of the main needs of every human being, even for children. Without realizing it, your days are glued to the phone.

Rather than to facilitate long-distance communication, cell phones can actually bring health problems.

Consider some of the health risks when you use cell phone, as reported Boldsky:

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified that cell phones has electromagnetic fields like a radio wave. This is known to be carcinogenic to humans that can increase the risk of cancer, especially brain tumors.

Sperm Quality
Last year, Envomental Working Group (EWG), a health advocacy group reports that men who always carry a cell phone in their pocket or belt tend to have lower sperm number. This is because radiation exposure is often characterized by damage to sperm, such as DNA damage and changes in sperm morphology.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Those who spend more time using cell phones can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a pretty painful hand condition caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. To cure it is quite easy, do not let the hands do activities in excess.

Some accidents are caused by the use of cell phones while driving. Not only that, walking while using a cell phone also has a high risk of accident, injury, and death. Therefore, consider its use.

This is one form of anxiety caused because the cell phone that runs out of battery or has no network. A study by the Medical College student shows, nomophobia is a series of problems that often arise in the modern era.

Neck pain
The back area pain, shoulder and headache pain could be caused due to a strained posture, especially when you are typing and looking down the phone screen in a long time.