6 Mistakes made by heart disease patients

6 Mistakes made by heart disease patients

People who already have had a heart attack are likely to get another heart attack in the future. Although this can actually be prevented in many ways, ranging from a healthy lifestyle, and others, but most people are guilty of an offense that could endanger themselves.

Many heart disease patients do not realize that they make ??mistakes that could increase the risk of another heart attack. Here are some of the mistakes made by the heart disease patients, as reported by Health Grades.

1 Counting all heart attacks the same  
Heart attacks can be caused by many things and different on each person. Similarly with the handling of a heart attack. What is good for other heart patients may not also be good for you. Please consult with your doctor to determine what treatment is best for your health.

2 Not performing a healthy lifestyle
Do not be careless if you successfully survived a first heart attack. Then all you have to do is change lifestyle to be more healthy. Subsequent heart attacks can be prevented by making a few ways such as quitting smoking, regular exercise, keeping a healthy diet, watching your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar.

3 Depression
A heart attack can make a lot of people can no longer do the activities they love. A heart attack can also change a person’s life forever. But do not let this interfere and cause confusion, let alone trigger depression. You have to keep a positive view of life and extend life.

4 Stop treating the heart
Do not stop consuming drugs or treating heart without consulting with a doctor. Always consult with experts to determine the proper treatment. Important treatments should be able to work well for you, have little side effects, cost affordable, and convenient for you to use.

5 Do not exercise
There are types of exercises that should not be done by heart disease patients. But this does not mean you should stop exercising completely. Exercise will control your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and more. Remember to always ask your doctor before deciding on the type of exercise you want to perform.

6 Not willing to ask to your doctor
Do not hesitate to ask a lot of things on your doctor. Abstention from food, sport, and other activities. Do not directly decide an uncertain good for your heart health without medical consultation. Doctors are there to help you, so be sure to regularly ask for your own health.

Those are some mistakes that are commonly made by heart disease patients. Above offenses can hinder the healing process or actually increase the risk of another heart attack. If you are often guilty of the above offenses, stop and change from now on!

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