6 causes of blood sugar increase


Diabetes mellitus is a disease caused by the rise in blood sugar. For people with unstable blood sugar levels or diabetes, some of these things can cause a rise in blood sugar, as reported by eMedicine Health.

1. Carbohydrate
Eating foods that contain too much carbohydrates or other forms of sugar can cause a rise in blood sugar. The body sometimes can not afford too many processed carbohydrates into energy quickly, so that blood sugar levels can rise in a matter of hours.

2. insulin control
The rise in blood sugar can also be caused by insufficient production of insulin in the body. This can be addressed through diet and physical activity.

3. stress
Emotions can also greatly affect the blood sugar and causes high blood sugar levels. To that end, in addition to physical health, emotions and thoughts should also have to be maintained.

4. lack of exercise
Regular exercise every day can help regulate blood sugar levels. Lack of exercise, on the contrary, can also cause blood sugar to rise.

5. Infection, illness, and surgery
When experiencing pain, infection, or surgery, blood sugar levels typically rise faster than in people who are not sick or do not have an infection.

6. Drugs
Eating some types of drugs, such as steroids also can affect blood sugar levels. Such drugs can increase blood sugar.

If you have a blood sugar level not stable or diabetes, you should be aware of the above six factors.