6 Reasons to drink water during exercise


drink water during exerciseEnergy drinks are identical with those who exercise. But actually drinking water is recommended when you do physical activity. Why? Consider the reasons as reported by Mag for Women below.

Preventing dehydration
Whether exercising indoors or outdoors, they can cause the body to dehydrate. So it is important for you to meet the needs of body fluids by drinking water.

Controlling body temperature
When you exercise, your metabolism makes the temperature in the body increased. So you have to drink water to control and restore body temperature to become normal.

Sweat substitute
Exercise causes perspiration as a form of metabolism. Drinking water is needed as a replacement for the lost fluid or sweat.

Drinking water after a workout can also refresh the body. Because usually exercise makes the body feel tired, lethargic, and energy is needed.

Saving calories
After working out, it would be wasteful if you drink energy drinks. Because the same calories burned will be wasted as you add new ones. This will not happen if you drink water.

Often rest
Drink water so that the body has a chance to rest often in the midst of physical activity. So that after it’s all over, you will not feel too tired.

Those are some reasons why you should drink water while exercising. Let’s get fit fellas!

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