6 Sources of unpleasant smells at home


Sources of unpleasant smells at homeIt is definitely not comfortable if you have just done a day’a activities then greeted with a bad odor in your house. Want to get rid of the bad smells? Check out some easy ways to do it, as quoted from Quick Easy Fit below.

You might forget they you have stored some foods in the refrigerator for several days. And if not immediately removed, the foods in the fridge also makes the house smells bad. So you should clean the refrigerator on a regular basis so that the room around it becomes more fresh.

Water hole
Water holes in the bathroom or the sink can also be a source of odors from your home. For example, any leftover food or hair clogging the channel. So try to check the hole and immediately clean if the area becomes a source to an unpleasant aroma.

What about the toilet, do you diligently clean it? Use soap and toilet bathroom cleaner that has a good fragrant and can get rid of bacteria. The unpleasant smell from the toilets will disappear and the air in the house becomes more refreshing.

Next is carpet. Usually carpet becomes dirty easily because of dust or crumbs that fall on it. Although you regularly clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, carpet still needs to be washed so as not to cause a bad odor.

Apparently, pets also plays a role in giving a bad odor in the house. The aroma of the rare bathed pets does not smell good at all. So do not be lazy to clean your pet, whether it is a cat, dog, or even your fish.

Cigarette smoke
If one family member smokes, the smoke from cigarette could be the source of bad odor in the house. To fix this, use air fresheners or ban smoking inside the house. Because besides polluting the air, smoke can also change the color of the wall paint to become yellow.

Those are the variety of odor sources in the home and how to eliminate them. Good luck!

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