6 Steps to survive against diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease that has struck millions of people and is very dangerous. Keeping blood sugar levels and diabetes under control is no easy task. For that, Sunita Pathania of the Healthy Living Clinic Diet gives some steps to survive against diabetes, as reported by the Times of India (18/12).

1. Types of diabetes and its treatment
Diabetes consists of two types, namely diabetes type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes occurs because the body’s immune system destroys the insulin-producing part of the pancreas. So patients should receive regular insulin injections and a healthy diet. Meanwhile, type-2 diabetes occurs because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. It’s treated with diet, exercise, and medication.

2. Routine treatment
Drugs and injection is very important to control diabetes. Whatever the type of drugs given by a doctor, make sure you know in detail about the dosage and usefulness. Discuss all medicines you are consuming with a doctor or an expert to prevent complications.

3. Choosing foods
Choosing foods are things that can not be underestimated by people with diabetes. Follow a diet to maintain weight and control blood sugar levels. Discuss with a dietitian and adjust diet with medication and lifestyle that you live. Do not miss meals and eat three small meals per day to keep blood sugar levels.

4. Check yourself
Checking blood sugar levels is an important thing to do. Blood sugar levels will provide information on doctors or experts to plan a diet, physical activity, and your treatment. If your blood sugar level is below 70 or above 240 twice a week, then you must call the doctor.

5. High and low blood sugar
Unstable blood sugar levels can cause serious complications. If your blood sugar is very low, immediate consumption or consumption of a glass of skim milk 3-4 glucose tablets. After waiting 15 minutes and re-check your blood sugar. If it is too low, add carbohydrates. Conversely, if your blood sugar is too high, you should test your blood sugar levels four hours. Drink eight glasses of water a day to prevent dehydration and consume 40-50 grams of carbohydrate every four hours.

6. Avoid injury
If you are diabetic, then a little injury could bring a dangerous infection that makes your body parts amputated. For that, check the health of your organs every day, legs, hands, and eyes. Avoid things that can get you hurt.

By doing the above steps correctly, you will be able to stand against diabetes.

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