6 unique and fun way to lose weight


6 unique and fun way to lose weight

Who does not want to have an ideal body shape? Men and especially women really want to have a slim body which is also ideal.

Various ways have been tried to lose weight. Starting from a strict diet, exercise, to undergoing a series of healthy lifestyles. Quite often this causes boredom.

You feel the same? Try the following unique ways to lose weight as reported on indiatimes.com.

1. Eat in front of the mirror
Although it sounds unique, but eating in front of the mirror is able to help you lose weight. According to some studies, it is a powerful way to look at what you eat and how you eat. So you are more aware of what foods you eat.

Although it sounds strange, it turns out that this method is very useful. Interested to try?

2. Washing clothes
In addition to exercising, washing clothes by hand is a housework that can make you slim. Washing clothes include rinsing, wringing, and drying performed for 30 minutes can burn up to 120 calories.

So when your laundry pile up, why not try to wash by hand? In addition to saving electricity, it can also make you slim.

3. Going to a party or watch music concertĀ 
It is undeniable that when you’re partying with loud music or watching a concert, it is impossible not to shake the body vigorously. And did you know that this activity can burn a lot of calories in the body? According to some medical studies, dancing for 60 minutes can burn more than 250 calories! It is interesting right?

4. Go Shopping
Shopping or just window shopping is an activity that is very popular among women. Walking around the mall can burn a lot of calories without you even knowing. Especially if you are walking while carrying a bag of groceries. So, do you have a plan for window shopping this weekend? If not immediately plan this fun activity with friends or family.

5. Cleaning the houseĀ 
House cleaning activities may sound boring. However, these activities can help you burn more calories which accumulates in the body. For example ironing clothes burn 90 calories, mop the floor burn 130 calories, 100 calories burned when vacuuming, and cleaning large windows in your house can burn 120 calories in the body.

So, if you’re unemployed it would not hurt if you try these activities. Your body becomes slim and the bonus is you home becomes clean.

6. Try some old clothes
When you open your wardrobe, you see several piles of old clothes. Most of these clothes still look good, but unfortunately does not fit on your body. Do not be sad. Because it turns out that it can motivate you to become more slim.

Indeed, the above methods sounds unique to lose weight. But it would not hurt if you try it right? Good luck!