6 Ways to get a quality night sleep


quality night sleep

A good night’s sleep – at least 7 hours per night – is a must for our body. From the perspective of health and fitness, a good night’s sleep can help us stay slim by helping maintain insulin sensitivity. It also reduces the risk of colds and increase the body’s resistance to stress. A good night sleep also improves memory and brain performance. Here are six ways to get quality night’s sleep, as reported by Livestrong.

1. Turn off lights or reduce the level of lighting at night

Lighting at night can disrupt the production of melatonin and ruin the quality of your sleep. Turn off all lights and electronic devices so that you can sleep in peace.

2. Keep your cell phone away

Radiation emitted from cell phones may increase the amount of time needed to reach the deep sleep cycle and reduce the amount of time spent in the cycle. A small study conducted in 2007, found that radiation from cell phones could actually cause insomnia and interfere with sleep quality.

3. Make your room as quiet as possible

Noise has been shown to decrease the overall quality of sleep. Many find it difficult to fall asleep when people talk loudly or when there are disturbing noises. You can also use ear plugs so the noise does not disturb your sleep.

4. Set sleep schedule and keep to it

You need to be more discipline to do it, but it could not hurt to try. Wake and sleep at the same time every day, even on weekends. Your body will not be able to establish an effective rhythm, if you do not obey the pattern.

5. Read something light for 15 minutes before bed

Avoid reading something heavy and can stimulate you intellectually. Use your time to read something light. It can make you relax and sleep soundly.

6. The quality of your mattress

Make sure that the quality of your mattress can make you sound asleep. Mattress with clean condition and good quality can support your nights sleep quality.

Those are six ways to get a quality night’s sleep. Remember, do not stay up without good reason. Therefore, a quality night’s sleep affects the productivity and fitness.