7 bad habits that are good for health


nail biting

We sometimes can not get rid of some bad habits that we do. No matter how hard we’ve tried. But who would have thought, some of these bad habits can actually increase the health of your body. Curious? Here are seven bad habits that are good for health, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Nail Biting

When we were kids, most of us did this bad habit. But according to a study, nail biting habit is a good habit for health. Why? It is believed to be able to transfer the bacteria that can boost the human immune system.

2. Fart

Do not be shy to get rid of gas when you want to. This habit is good for health because it can relieve pain and bloating in the stomach. If you do not let off the gas in the stomach, the intestines will be sensitive and will cause bloating problems.

3. Knuckle grind

For some people, knuckle grind is a habit that is considered as a bad behavior. However, these bad habits are very good for health as it can help make the joints feel more flexible.

4. Spitting

You will definitely feel annoyed when you see someone spit right in front of you. Even though it looks disgusting, spitting is one bad habit that is actually good for health. Spitting can help us breathe more easily. When we exercise, our mouth and throat produce more saliva so we need to get rid of saliva in order to breathe better.

5. Often feel uneasy

This is one bad habit that is actually good for your health. The reason is that when you are anxious, you can actually train your brain. It will make your brain continuously active.

6. Breakfast in bed

This bad habit is good for health because it helps digestion. However, when you have breakfast in bed, you should ensure that you are sitting in an upright position to prevent indigestion.

7. Burp

Burping is often considered rude. However, if you do not allow yourself to burp, it will make you feel heartburn and will trigger chest pain. Therefore, do not ever hold burp.

Those are seven bad habits that is good for health. However, that does not mean you have to continuously do them.