7 Benefits of a bit of stress on health


Benefits of a bit of stress on healthChronic stress is bad for health. But if you just feel a bit stressed, it turns out it is actually beneficial to the body. Check out more as reported by the Good Housekeeping below.

Stress and pleasure
Not all of the things that cause stress is associated with something negative. For example a wedding, many people are stressed as well as feel pleasure during preparation.

more socialist
A study from Germany had proven that a person who is in a stressful situation – such as public speaking or math exams – have a more socialist behavior. They are also more likely to believe in others and want to share.

improve memory
When stressed, the cortisol hormone increased and its similar to a light switch in the brain. So that stress makes a person able to think more clearly. In addition, improved memory skills as well as a person’s stress.

creating creativity
Some people are able to maximize the creative side in them during a stressful situation.

more vigilant
Stress can be referred to as the body’s reaction to danger or uncertain change. So in the short term, stress can make a person more alert and conscious when undergoing something.

Boost the immune system
Little stress also gave a tremendous impact on the immune system. Because stress can stimulate the body’s defenses and maximize the performance boost the immune system.

speedy recovery
Other studies have proven that a little stress in the short term can make a surgery patients recover from the condition.

Those are some benefits of a bit of stress. But you should soon overcome stress so that its nature is not harmful to the body.