7 Disgusting facts about the public pool


Disgusting facts about the public poolSwimming is actually healthy. But there are many disgusting facts about a public pool that makes the desire to swim lost! What are they? Know more, as reported by Medical Daily as following.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), swimmers contributed to the cause of feces in public pools as much as 0.14 grams after 15 minutes into the pool. Moreover, in the year 2010, one in eight public swimming pool are dirty and finally gets warning to be closed immediately.

Bacteria E. Coli
CDC also conducts research that proves that as many as 161 pools in Atlanta contains E. Coli – bacteria associated with feces. To minimize bacterial contamination, the CDC recommends that visitors bath with soap before swimming.

RWI is a recreational water illness caused by germs spread by swallowing contaminated water. According to the CDC, cases of RWI has increased over the last 20 years. One of the common symptoms of RWI is diarrhea.

Cryptosporidium or Crypto is a parasite that causes diarrhea. This parasite can live even in the pool that have been given chlorine. So in most pools that are clean, you still risk of this parasitic infection.

Just as Crypto, Giardia parasites that cause diarrhea are also included. Giardia is found in water, soil, and contaminated food. Giardia is quite resistant to chlorine. The bad news, Giardia can be spread through water in public pools, from animals to humans, and to fellow human beings.

One in five American adults claim to like to pee in the pool. Indeed it is disgusting, but the habit is clearly not healthy. Urine in the swimming pool chlorine weaken performance in killing germs. So that the risk of developing disease in swimmers increases.

Chlorine is used to kill bacteria in swimming pools. However, if the smell is very strong, it’s not a good sign. Because high-quality chlorine should not spread scent that is too strong.

In order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene when in a public pool, you should shower with soap before and after swimming, do not pee in the pool, and do not swallow the pool water.