7 Easy steps to maintain kidney health


7 Easy steps to maintain kidney health

Every organ in your body has an important role. One of the most neglected organ is the kidneys. The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that is the size of the human fist. Located below the ribs on both sides of the spine, the kidneys have several important functions such as getting rid of various toxins and balance the water content in the body. In addition, the kidneys are also important in the regulation of blood pressure, red blood cells, as well as the acid in the body.

Well, here are the easiest ways to maintain the health and cleanliness of your kidneys.

Exercise is the easiest way and it is important to maintain a healthy kidney. Because exercise can ensure that every function in your body runs well.

Eat healthy foods
Eating a healthy diet is important to maintain healthy kidneys. Because healthy foods has very small toxin content in it. So that your kidneys does not work too hard to filter out toxins.

Keeping blood pressure
Kidneys also play an important role in maintaining the blood circulation, so you should always keep your blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause kidney damage.

Keeping sugar levels
Diabetes and kidney problems have relevance. Many diabetics have problems with their kidneys. So keeping the sugar levels is one right way to maintain the health of kidneys.

Drink plenty of water
Fluid intake is very important so that your kidneys  functions properly. The lack of fluid in your body will only cause problems in the kidneys so drink plenty of water to keep your kidneys healthy.

Quit smoking
Smoking can slow blood flow to the kidneys and are able to damage the health of the kidneys. Therefore if you have the habit of smoking,  immediately stop so that your kidneys functions properly.

Becaureful when taking drugs
Medications that you consume are able aggravate the kidney problems. So do not ever take medication indiscriminately. Make sure that you first consult with your doctor when taking a drug.

Health of your kidneys should be kept the same as other vital organs. Perform the above tips in order to maintain kidney health.