7 Findings That Could Help China Face Pollution Dangers


7 Findings That Could Help China Face Pollution Dangers

According to a recent report, Beijing is expected to have to wait for 16 years to get a pollution-free sky. Moreover, the WHO revealed the greatest mortality from air pollution in Asia.

Although it took many years to address this global problem, at least there are some findings that are claimed to be the solution that everyone can survive in air pollution. The following description is quoted from CNN, Friday (07/11/2014).

1. Facial Mask
A designer from Beijing, Nina Griffee create a line of women’s clothing models that have been equipped with air filters or filters artificial Vogmask. The shape is like a glimpse of the burqa.

Design clothes Nina is expected to be introduced at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer held this week.

2. Homemade air cleaners 
In 2013, when the air quality index in Beijing was high, Thomas Talhelm start worrying can not breathe with relief, even though it was in the house.

But because he can not buy an air purifier (water purifier) is expensive, he took the initiative to make it yourself. Together with his three friends, Thomas creates SmartAir, an air purifier consisting of a regular fan, but equipped with a HEPA filter.

Performance was as efficient as an air purifier that cost thousands of dollars because it can eliminate more than 90 percent of airborne particles whose size is no more than 2.5 mikromiliter (PM 2.5) in the room. These devices are priced at 30 U.S. dollars (approximately USD 350 thousand).

3. Air Forecaster
Dustin Grzesik create Banshirne, a free app for Android that can predict whether the next day the Beijing sky or cities in China will clean other than air pollution or not, based on weather patterns over the years.

The man who was once lived in Beijing managed to make this application and armed with the weather report in the Beijing air quality is combined with the Air Quality Index information from the U.S. Embassy Twitter account.

Grzesik also utilize ‘Kaiwen map’, a special site frequently used Chinese people to share information about environmental conditions in each city; and Beijing Air Quality Forecast for analyzing air quality in China. From there, the sky Grzesik can predict Beijing will clean the air of pollutants once every week or once every two weeks.

4. The nasal mask
This is not unusual because the mask covered his nose only just. Even so, a tool named Infipure is claimed to eliminate the PM 2.5 to as much as 99 percent.

Infipure is actually a disposable filter made ??of non-toxic and latex-free which is inserted into the hole so that the life ‘invisible’.

5. Anti-smog Kungfu
The students in Guangming Road Primary School in Shijiazhuang, one of the most polluted cities in the northern province of Hebei taught special kung fu moves that can be claimed against the effects of air pollution.

This stance is created solely by the vice-principal, Wei Huanqiang. Consisting of 23 the result of a combination of aerobics and acupuncture that can be done indoors, for example when the outdoor air pollution levels were high-high school and they are not allowed to move outdoors.

6. Breathing Bicycles  
A British artist named Matt Hope said he had made ??a bike that could produce clean air when ridden.

By Matt, the bike is fitted with a small generator on the rear wheel so that when he pedals, the electrical current will be generated from this bike. The electrical current was originally used to power the filtration system is also installed on this bike.

Then the air is polluted ‘pulled’ into the sort of trash that is on the bike and then converted into positively charged or clean air. The resulting clean air from here and then sent through a hose and into a mask that is worn bicycle users.

7. Smog Vacuum
Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has just signed a contract with Beijing local government to start a project to build a field containing the electromagnetic field generated from the copper coil. The electromagnetic field will suck the polluted air in Beijing sky as well as vacuum.

The plan of this project will begin next year. In addition, Daan also make ‘ring smog’.

“The ring is made ??of pollution that we suck and we put it under a certain pressure for a few weeks so that crystallize and form a diamond,” said Daan.

Daan hope this ring will sell 100,000 pieces at high prices to help finance the project electromagnetic field.